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Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsoring Abaana means that your company can make a difference to the lives of poor people in Uganda and across Africa. This unique opportunity allows you to demonstrate to your customers, shareholders and staff that you are a socially responsible organisation.

Abaana is involved with many projects including building schools, water wells and homes for street children. It is possible for your company to fund aspects of our work that make sense for your business. This could be for a particular region or a specific area of our work.

Linking your company with a charity can boost staff morale. Getting staff involved in supporting Abaana encourages team–building, learning and development. Uniting behind a common cause encourages loyalty to an organisation and motivates staff to reach a common target. There are many ways your company can get involved and support Abaana’s mission to end poverty.

Sponsor Abaana Events or Fundraise at work

Abaana regularly hosts events across Northern Ireland to raise awareness and funds for our work. We are always looking for Companies to sponsor an event by providing prizes, entertainment, or catering and in return receiving great publicity at the event. Team building challenges and organising fundraising events are some ways of getting staff members involved with Abaana through work. Donations of goods, services and expertise can also reduce our costs and free up income to be spent on alleviating poverty.

Give as you earn

Advertise to staff the option of giving a tax efficient gift to Abaana through the payroll, where for every £1 donated, we receive £1.25.

Harness Publicity

Publicising your support for Abaana can enhance your company’s reputation. As a respected local organisation, Abaana can bring a greater credibility to your company’s brand image and make it stand out amongst your competitors. It will raise awareness of the company’s values among both customers and staff.

Make a Donation

Company donations can make a real difference to the work of Abaana, whether it is made once or on a regular basis. You can choose to fund a specific project and we will send you regular updates on how the project is benefiting from your support.