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6000 Miles

In October & November we are asking our supporters to commit to walk/run/cycle a collective 6000 miles – the same distance from the UK to Uganda. We’d love for you, along with your friends, family, work, church, organisation and any other group you can think of, to join together to complete your exercise goals and fundraise for Abaana. 


To help us raise £20,000 to fund these 3 projects (and keep fit!):
Covid–19: Abaana has so far been able to donate 50,000 meals to families in Uganda, but hunger is still a huge problem. £50 raised will feed a family for a month!
Build a Primary School: We believe that good, accessible education will release children from poverty. We want your help to build 7 classrooms, a headmaster’s office and a staff room!
Choir 3: Choir 3 is postponed until 2022 & training for the children will begin as soon as possible. We need your help to educate the choir children alongside getting them birth certificates/passports and visas so they can travel to the U.K. 

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The great part of 6000 miles is that you can do as many or as few miles as you’d like. Everybody has their own challenge levels and so we would suggest that you break your normal habits and challenge yourself to go that bit further to inspire people to donate to you. Set yourself a target of how many miles you want to do over a duration of your choice. It could be running a mile a day for a month or cycling 100 miles in just a few days. 

For more ideas see below:

How do I sign up?

Head to our Justgiving event page by clicking the link below and then join us by clicking“Start Fundraising”. Select “Emergency Aid” when picking an event category. 

Write up a summary on Justgiving of what you want to do (including how many miles you want to achieve), share your fundraising page with people you know and hit your target! Share photos & updates along the way by tagging us on Facebook & Instagram(@Abaanaministries) and by using #6000miles. 


If you have any questions, just email info@abaana.org. If you need additional help using JustGiving then click here for a guide.

Alternatively if you didn’t want to take part in a challenge yourself but wanted to give towards the projects then click the button below:

Donate Online to 6000 Miles

Stuck for Ideas?

Want to get fitter? Commit to run an average of a mile a day for a month = 31 miles completed. 

Want to bring your family together? A family of 4 commits to walk 3 miles every Saturday in October = 60 miles completed. 

Want to complete that massive challenge? Belfast to Dublin (100 miles)? London to Brighton (60 miles)? Get a team and complete that epic cycle.

1. Run a Half Marathon
2. Run 3 Miles a Day for a Month
3. Run 24 Miles in 24 Hours
4. Any of your own ideas

1. A family of 4 Walk for 3 Miles =12 Miles
2. Walk 2 Miles a Day for a month = 60 Miles
3. Up and Down your Garden
4. Any of your own ideas

1. Team of 10 do a 30 Mile Cycle = 300 Miles
2. London to Brighton Equivalent = 60 Miles
3. Tour De France Equivalent = 2000 Miles
4. Any of your own ideas