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Head to Uganda in Summer 2020

Abaana offer short–term mission trips to Uganda, for individuals and to church groups, schools and businesses, to experience what life is like for countless children, young people and adults alike. A life in which modern–day comforts don’t exist, where many may never have seen a computer or television screen, nor have access to running water or electricity.

“Best Thing I’ve Ever Done!”


We would love to invite you to join a team to head to Uganda in 2020. Over the last 20 years since Abaana began, we have been sending teams out to Uganda regularly. They spend time working on projects, building classrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms for the children so that they can go to school. They meet with the children attending the schools, who are getting an education to escape the poverty cycle. Your team will organise fun activities with them, engaging in story–telling, dramas, games and crafts.

You can also work with street kids through our Street Reach programme. This looks like spending time with children, who were formerly living rough on the streets, playing games with them, feeding them and even giving them medical care. Visit our New Life Children’s Home and witness first–hand the dramatic difference that love, care and shelter can make to a young persons life. 

Have your life changed by changing peoples lives.

Whether you’ve never been to Africa or you’ve been a hundred times these trips could be life changing to you. We believe that your life will be changed as you help change other people’s lives. 

We have two very exciting teams which are heading to Uganda in the summer of 2020 and we would love for you to join. We have our Youth Team (17–30) and our Umoja Team (18+). Would you like to go on an adventure that will not just change your life, but will impact 100’s who currently live in poverty? Would you like to help us release children from poverty through the means of education? Join a Team– for more information and application details  click here

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