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We Pray


As the international outbreak of the coronavirus continues to raise concerns around the world, we are committed to praying for everybody affected during this time and we ask you to join us. We pray for the world, but we also are praying for the communities that we, as Abaana, work closely with in Africa. We pray for their health, for their safety, for their families. We pray for our partners, our staff in Uganda and all of our supporters. 

Would you do the same?

Abaana are doing all that we can to ensure the safety of the children that are sponsored by our generous supporters. We are trying to educate them about how to protect themselves and their families. We know that there are communities where Abaana works who don’t even know about the virus yet. Our hope is that it never reaches them, and our prayer is that if it does, they will be kept safe.

We are so thankful to all our generous supporters who have changed these communities and helped protect them against this virus without even knowing it. Your support has meant that communities have access to clean water where they have the ability to wash their hands. Children have access to food to keep their immune systems healthy. Education is provided so that individuals have the understanding of how illnesses and viruses spread. We even have Doctors and Nurses who, without your support, would never have qualified in their professions and therefore wouldn’t be helping with their skills at this time.

We currently have no reports of Abaana–supported children diagnosed with COVID–19.

Would you join us as we pray?


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