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Choir 2 Update


Abaana Ministries Uganda

Update on Choir 2 children – June 2020

All Choir Children were sent home on 20th March 2020 when schools were closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. They were contacted in April when they were each sent monies to help provide their families with some upkeep for a period of time, lasting on average around 3 weeks. They were contacted again in June and asked for an update on their current situation at home.


·        All of the children are struggling with access to food but the majority are in their villages and so have access to the produce in their gardens. For children in Northern Uganda it is mango season and so these are frequently eaten for some meals. Those in Busia, a district on the Kenyan border, face extra challenges because of restrictions, such as no public transport, and higher prices for goods due to delays in crossing the border.

·        Homeschooling is virtually non–existent due to a lack of resources. Some have been trying to use old books or Government materials (these are distributed in some areas or via radio or newspapers). But none of the children in the north of the country have access to Government issued materials. Abaana is therefore distributing materials through a workbook from the Education Publishers ‘Sipro’ that will cover Term 1 in full ( Term 1 covers January to Easter.)

·        All the families appreciated the food that was given by Abaana which helped supplement what they are able to grow in their gardens and plots.

·        The families seem to be taking precaution to ensure there is no spread of the virus in their families and are seemingly taking good care of their children, with most engaged in farming and household chores alongside other members of the family.

A brief report on each of the children is as follows.





Joshua (Busia)

Joshua is generally fine but as they are in Busia, a border district with Kenya, there are still many restrictions. They are not allowed to move using public transport so accessing the market is very hard and food and goods are expensive.

Joshua does some revision using the materials provided by the Government.


Racheal (Busia)

Racheal is fine and mostly helping with housework at home, though she says she would prefer being at school (not least for the food; in her village they mostly eat a local food ‘kalo’ – millet). Her father is in Kenya and Racheal has not seen him for a while because of restricted movement.

Rachael is revising using previous year’s school books as she left all of the other books at school.

Mother and child herself

Pricilla (Katonte)

At the time of the phone call her father was at a relative’s burial ceremony so it was a brief conversation. However, he said Pricilla was fine and appreciated the help Abaana had sent them.

She does some revision but not enough.


Mercy (Lweza)

Mercy and her family are fine; no one is sick though getting a daily meal is hard.

Mercy tries to revise but not very successfully as she is very playful.


Fashan (Lweza)

Fashan was sick and was hospitalised, through having accessed treatment with Abaana’s help, she is now fine. According to her mother, she wasn’t happy living where she was, so was taken to her grandmother in another village.

Not doing much because she has been unwell.

Mother and Sponsorship Teacher

Annet (Lweza)

Annet is fine and helping with housework. The whole family is doing well. They are farmers and they can access food. However, they used to be able to export cocoa, vanilla and coffee outside of Uganda, which urrently they can’t, so income has reduced.

Annet is receiving some revision lessons from a teacher in the neighbourhood which is helping her to catch up.


Esther (Matthew Cardwell)

Esther has been sick with malaria but was taken to hospital and is now recovering. She helps with housework and does some farming.

She does some study using materials given by Government and she is being assisted by her siblings in upper class.

Father and Esther herself.

Raufah (Strathearn)

She was sick with malaria and was admitted in hospital for 3 days. Besides malaria, her leg was burnt by hot water for which she has been receiving treatment and is now recovering at home.

Since the pickup from school was abrupt, she forgot her work and therefore is not doing much revision.


Arafat (Strathearn)

Arafat stays with his father and he is fine. Previously life was hard but now that the lockdown has partially lifted his father has returned to work. He is a metal fabricator and though things are not as good as before, they can survive.

Since they are in town, they can print materials to enable him to keep revising.


Faustine (Strathearn)

Being in a town setting, getting food to eat is not very easy. They have no place for farming and his mother looks after the house. His father is a builder and with the COVID situation, building work is very scarce. Aside from the Abaana support, they managed to get some food supplies from the Government but it was not of a good quality.

He is doing some revision with the books they used whilst on tour with the choir.


Isaac (NLH)

Isaac is at New Life Homes. He didn’t return home because of the lockdown but he is settled and happy. His family were contacted but as they are on the border, there are challenges. His mother had a baby boy via C–section which didn’t go very well, so her movements were limited and she couldn’t work, though is now better.

He is doing revision using the newspaper guide alongside other boys at NLH.

Eddy (NLH social worker) and Isaac’s father

Tammy (Buyobe)

Tammy is fine staying with her parents. She said she happy to be home because she is safe from COVID. They are happy they can access some food from the garden and since it is raining, they are able to plant and grow more. She is currently having eye sight problems, especially when it is bright outside. This has prompted her to put on sunglasses whenever in the sun.

She is doing some revision using newspapers bought for her on ocassion.

Sister and Tammy herself

Daisy (Buyobe)

Daisy is happy at home and helps with housework. She has learnt how to dig and they are planting since it is raining. Her mother is so thankful for the held extended by Abaana.

She is helped by her siblings in upper class with the guide given by the Government.

Mother and Daisy herself.

Evans (Buyobe)

The family is fine. God has comforted them after they lost their father. One of his siblings is sick with malaria but not seriously. The small shop the father left is helping them make ends meet, though it needs to be restocked. They currently depend on food from the garden.

He is doing little revision because he has no guide.


Kennedy (Dr Andrew Mc Avoy)

Kennedy is fine and coping okay because they are a small family. They have access to clean water in the home to ensure everyone washes their hand regularly. Kennedy helps with farming but he is not allowed to go to the market just to keep him safe. No COVID–19 case has been identified in their area.

He left all his books at school thinking they were to return in a short while so he has no reading materials. They however have a radio where they tune in for some lessons and COVID updates.

Mother and the child himself. Home visit made by Denis (Abaana staff team member).

Prisca (Tekoo)

She is fine and generally busy helping with garden work.

She does some revising using her school books but has limited time since she has to help with the housework.


Denis M (Ayila)

He is fine and just busy with garden work.

He is doing a little revision using school books

Brother and Head Teacher Ayila

Prossy (Ayila)

She is fine and mostly engaged with housework and gardening.

She is doing a little revision using school books.

Brother and Head teacher Ayila

Denis O (Coorom)

He is fine with the family and he helps with garden work.

Little revision is being done.

Brother and SMC Chairperson, Coorom

Vicky (Coorom)

She had some malaria and is still undergoing treatment but the rest of the family are fine.

Currently no revision because she has been sick.

Brother and SMC Chairperson, Coorom

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