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Important Child Sponsorship Update

  Web Spon Update

To All Child Sponsors

Important: Please let us know that you have read this and save up to 50p in postage. As this is an important communication, we need to make sure that everyone receives a copy. To ensure that you have received this communication we will also be sending a copy by post, but if you are content with this update via electronic means, please click on the link below by the 25th October to acknowledge that you don’t require a paper version, and save Abaana the postage costs.

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We want to make sure all our sponsors are aware of the changes that COVID–19 has brought to our sponsorship programme, and how your continued support is making a substantial impact on children in Uganda.There are two main aspects to bring to your attention:

1. Christmas Gift Scheme

Every year our office in Uganda receives an amazing 200+ parcels for our children (on top of the other gift scheme donations). With COVID–19 we are requesting that sponsors please do not send physical parcels. With limited flights to Uganda we are hearing reports of parcels not arriving and movements within parts of Uganda may be restricted from time to time, as in the UK at present.

Therefore, this Christmas we are encouraging people to select and buy from a range of our Christmas Bundles for the sponsored children and/or even consider purchasing one for a child that currently does not have a sponsor.

There are four different Christmas Bundles that you can choose from (or any combination of the four bundles if you wish to purchase more than one):

Bundle 1 – An Age–Appropriate Gift and a COVID–19 Stay–Safe Pack (£20)

Bundle 2 – Includes Bundle 1 + an Item of Clothing for each child (£30)

Bundle 3 – Includes Bundle 2 + a Christmas Hamper (£45)

Bundle 4 – Includes Bundle 3 + a Covid–19 Stay–Safe Pack & Christmas Hamper for a Teacher as well as an Age Appropriate Gift for an Unsponsored Child (£55)

If you would like to purchase a bundle(s) or simply donate an amount of your choice to our Christmas Gift scheme you can do so here:

Purchase A Christmas Bundle

2. How we have been using your sponsorship funds amid COVID–19

With schools closed across Africa, our sponsorship children have not been able to attend school in the same way as normal. This month, all exam candidates have returned to school (final year of Primary and ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Secondary). The rest will not return until early 2021. But this does not mean that we have not been working hard to ensure your sponsored child is cared for. Here are the main programmes we are currently implementing:

Home Education: All our sponsored children who attend Abaana schools have received working from home packs. These consist of workbooks from which they have been able to learn and answer questions in the safety of their homes. These packs have then been marked by our teachers and feedback provided to the children. The children have also received a home stationary pack with pencils, rubbers, and sharpeners to ensure they have all they need to continue studying from home.

Teacher Home Visits: This term along with the education packs, sponsored children will receive a home visit from their teacher. This is partly to allow the children to ask questions, but also for the teacher to provide feedback (while social distancing) and ensure that the parents are encouraging their children to continue with their studies.

Relief Packs: Along with the Christmas presents, our staff will be delivering a family food parcel to every sponsored child’s family. With lockdown in Uganda there have been many challenges in accessing some of the necessities. Many families have not been able to earn any income and there are reports across the country of food shortages. These food parcels will boost not just the child’s diet, but that of the whole family and will release some pressure parents are facing over Christmas.

Mosquito Nets and a Mattress: The World Health Organisation have raised concerns that due to fear of COVID–19, fewer mosquito nets have been purchased and distributed, and over the next year they expect to see a rise in the cases of malaria and subsequently more deaths from malaria. Our team on the ground are purchasing two mosquito nets per family (normally 2–3 people will sleep under one), and also a mattress for each sponsored child. This will not only help the family have a better night’s sleep, but should keep up to 10,000 people protected from malaria while sleeping!

We trust that these actions will also send a message that the children are very much in our thoughts and that we and their sponsors still care!Our staff in Uganda will also be making contact with all sponsored children and families over the next few months. We will be endeavouring to collect a letter from each child as well as take some photos, so we hope to bring you reports of all these later on this year and into early 2021. We will be passing on to the families in Uganda just how important sponsorship is, and how vital their roles are to help in keeping their children in education.

All this is only possible because of you! Thank you for your continued support and for your prayers too!

Currently Uganda is expecting schools to return to normal in January, but until this time we remain committed to caring for and loving these children. There has never been a time that sharing God’s love practically has been so important on a global scale. These are challenging times, and often those who are impacted the most are those living in poverty. Your prayerful support and practical giving continue to make an incredible and immeasurable difference!

So on behalf of the whole Abaana team, both here in the UK and in Uganda, may we thank you for standing in the gap and helping to fight on behalf of the children that need it most.

Scott Baxter & The Abaana Team

Please remember to let us know you have received this communication and save up to 50p in postage!

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