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6000 Miles to Uganda Accomplished!

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In September we started a fundraising challenge of raising £20,000 by walking, cycling and running 6000 miles– the same distance from our U.K office to Uganda. We asked supporters to join us in travelling some of those miles to help us achieve our goal.

15,000 Miles Travelled

Over 100 people took part in the challenge and succeeded in breaking the 6000 mile mark! In fact our calculations are that we may have travelled more than 15,000 miles. We are so thankful for all of those who took part. 

We had an array of different personal challenges that were achieved, as well as a range of different people achieving them. Staff in Northern Ireland and staff in Uganda took part. We had 6 year olds running & great Grandparents walking. Some cycled, others ran and we had one person travel their miles in their wheelchair!

It has been amazing to see people complete their challenges and raise money in the process. We are so thankful and pleased to announce that we have hit our target of raising over £20,000. 

£20,000 Raised!

Andrew & Julie Louise Skelton Ashleigh Brown 

– Andrew & Julie raised £260 by walking and running 310 Miles
– Louise raised £670 by completing the couch to 5k challenge.
– The Browns raised £480 by walking, swimming and running 500 miles as a family

The money raised will go towards building Abaana’s 16th Primary School in Uganda– Atukubui Primary School– the bricks are currently being laid (February 2021). Here you can see the previous structure that the children had to learn in in comparison to the new one which is being built. 

   Atuk 1

  Atuk 2

Money will also go towards families that are struggling during the COVID–19 crisis. £50 enables us to feed a family for a month!

And finally, some of the money will be to help New Life Choir 3 come to the U.K. This has been put on hold because of the pandemic but we are looking forward to them returning. 

We are so thankful and grateful for everyone who took part and all of those who donated to the cause. We are always needing to fundraise for different projects in Uganda and so if you want to get involved, do get in touch. 

You can also still donate to the 6000 miles project by clicking the button below:

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Thank You

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