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Personal Gifts

The Personal Gift Scheme can be used by those who currently sponsor a child. We are so grateful for your monthly support of your child but we know that there are times when you want to give beyond your monthly sponsorship and purchase something special for your sponsored child. 

We know that there are high costs involved in posting gifts, that have been bought in the U.K, to Uganda and that that money can be spent much more efficiently. This is why the Personal Gift Scheme exists. 

What Is It?

The Personal Gift Scheme allows you to give a gift to your sponsored child which is above and beyond your monthly sponsorship amount. This may be something you do for the child’s birthday, in response to a letter they may have written you, or simply because you want to bless them. 

How Does It Work? 

There are 5 simple steps for giving a Personal Gift:

1. Donate your chosen amount of money online or over the phone.
2. Our team in Uganda will meet your sponsored child and discuss with them and the family the main needs that the family have at the time.
3. Our team will then go and purchase those gifts with the money you donated.
4. The team then deliver the gifts to your child. 
5. We send a report to you (around 3 months later) with what the money bought and, where possible, some photos of the child receiving their gifts.  

How Much Should I Give?

Due to the amount of work & time involved in delivering a Personal Gift, we set a minimum amount of £50. This is due to our team in Uganda spending considerable time visiting your child twice and then time taken to go and purchase the gifts. 

How much you decide to give over this is completely your choice. We have had gifts ranging from £50 to £1500. For example, £50 may purchase your child a backpack, a mattress & a goat, and £1500 may build a new house for your child. Every time a Personal Gift is donated we ensure that the gifts given are those that are the most beneficial to the child & their family. 

Give a Personal Gift

Below is Winnie. Winnie’s sponsor donated £60 as a Personal Gift. When we met with Winnie & her family we realised that Winnie didn’t have some basic hygiene equipment like a Toothbrush so we were able to purchase these. We also got her a new mattress as she was sleeping on a thin mat with all of her siblings. On top of this the £60 enabled some basic items to be bought: Sugar, Salt, Soap, Tea, Bucket. Winnie also recieved a new dress as most of her clothes items were very old. And finally, Winnie’s family recieved a goat which they can breed & grow for future income.