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Christmas Gift FAQs


Christmas Gift Appeal

What delivery address do I use when making a payment?

When ordering Christmas Bundles, you will be asked for a delivery address, which will be auto–filled, using your billing address. You do not need to change this as our team in Uganda will deliver the Christmas gift to a child and their family in Uganda.

Where will the Christmas Bundle I have chosen be delivered to and when?

The items that make up the various bundles will be purchased in bulk by our team in Uganda and then delivered to the children via their school communities. This will commence before Christmas.

Can I donate any amount I choose to this scheme?

Yes you may indeed. You need not be limited to the amounts prescribed to each Christmas Bundle. However, you can select multiples of any one Bundle, or a selection of Bundles, should you wish to give more. Also you can select a link within the introductory page to the Christmas Gift scheme which will take you to our online donation page. Within this you may select ‘Christmas Gift’ during Step 2 from the drop down against the project line and enter the amount of your choosing.

Can I let others know about this scheme?

Certainly, please do share this with your friends, family, colleague, places of work, churches, schools etc. Anyone can contribute to this scheme. If you would like our help in sharing the details of this scheme with others, then please do contact our office and our staff will be only too pleased to assist you.

I have another question which is not covered here – who should I speak to?

Please telephone the Abaana office and a member of staff will be pleased to help you with your enquiry. Alternatively, you can email the office info@abaana.org and we will respond to you enquiry as soon as we are able.