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Even when health related issues do not kill, they still affect everyday life. It is estimated that on average children in Africa will miss 20 days of education because of sickness and health related issues. This is around 11% of the total teaching days. If children are not at school, they cannot gain a good quality education.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria is one of the biggest killers in Africa, killing an African child every minute. Malaria can been controlled, and there are good ways to help prevent malaria spreading in a community.

Mosquito Nets

These nets offer protection against mosquitos and often up to three children can sleep under one net thus reducing the risk of malaria. With your help we can save the lives of hundreds of babies, children and adults.

Spraying Homes

IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying) involves coating the walls and other surfaces of a house with a residual insecticide. For several months, the insecticide will kill mosquitoes and other insects that come in contact with these surfaces.

Community Farming

Abaana is working with the communities to help increase the food output and provide balanced diets. This takes place in the form of community ploughing and provision of seeds. Families are able to borrow the plough and are given instructions on how to farm and tend their land. In return, they give our school a small proportion of their crop.


Often teenage girls will not go to school during their monthly cycles to avoid any embarrassment as the only padding they have are paper or rags.

Health Education

It is important for children to realise the dangers and risks of having unprotected sex from an early age. We aim to educate them about the use of protection in a safe trusting environment.