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New Life ChoirReturns to the UK and Ireland in 2019

In 2019, the New Life Choir will be returning with a new set of children and a whole new programme, after their hugely successful first tour in 2017. The ‘History Makers‘ tour will start in February 2019 and will run until June 2019 and you can check out our list of concert dates by clicking here

The New Life Choir is a group of 20 children who are beneficiaries of Abaana’s projects across Uganda. They will represent their local communities by singing their way around the UK and Ireland, acting as ambassadors for their friends and families still living in poverty.

The choir will perform both Ugandan and English gospel songs and tell their testimonies. Abaana’s aim is to raise awareness of third world poverty, find sponsors for an additional 200–300 children and rescue more children from a life on the streets. 

500 new child sponsorships were set up as a direct result of the 2017 New Life Choir tour and six young boys were rescued from a life on the streets and brought into Abaana’s New Life Homes. 


How can I get involved?

If you would like to get involved in the next New Life Choir tour, you can help in the following ways:

Become a Friend of the Choir

Abaana has sent over 700 people to Uganda on teams and many of you have helped to raise funds for both our team members and our team projects. For this ‘choir team’ travelling in the opposite direction, it would be impossible for our members to fundraise for their flights and costs, coming from a village of mud huts. 

It costs around £2,750 per child to train, care for, educate and bring the child to and from the UK. We need people to join us in partnering with the choir to help bring these 20 kids to our shores. We are aiming to raise around £50,000 before the choir comes to the UK next February. 

We are looking for people to become ‘Friends of the Choir’ and commit to support both financially and in prayer between now and the end of the tour. Would you consider pledging to donate or fundraise £50 – £500 throughout 2018? During the year you could organise a sponsored event or fundraiser to raise this money, or make a one–off or even regular donation – whatever suits you best! 

As a ‘Friend of the Choir’, you will receive email updates reporting on the progress of the choir training and have the opportunity to get to know a little about the kids before they arrive.

To make a donation and become a ‘Friend of the Choir’, click here or contact us at info@abaana.org

Become a Chaperone

We need 7–8 UK chaperones who will travel with the choir for the duration of the tour. This will be an amazing opportunity to work with a team of Uganda children and young adults. We need a wide range of skills and experience within the chaperone team, such as: children’s work, drivers, technical (sound and lights), educational and leadership. The team of chaperones will look after all aspects of the children’s welfare on tour and also represent Abaana at the concerts. 

If you are interested in chaperoning on our choir tour next year, or know somebody who is, please get in touch with our assistant director, Neville Jones, at neville@abaana.org

Book the Choir for your Church or School

Churches: We are looking for churches who will provide both a venue for an evening concert and host the children and their chaperones. We particularly welcome bookings  from churches who can accommodate a concert audience of 200+ people. 

Schools: We have a limited capacity of 20 school visits during our second choir tour. If your school is interested in having the choir for a concert, we would ask that you organise a fundraiser to support the choir with a target of raising at least £1,000. 

If you wish to register your interest in hosting the choir at your church or school, please click here for our provisional choir booking form.