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New Life Homes

In 2007 Abaana built 6 rehabilitation and transitional homes for street children. Homes provide the children with a “safe refuge” – a place to learn how to be kids again.

The children we look after in these homes are loved and cared for by a nanny. They learn how to live under rules and guidelines. Contrary to their life on the streets, they eat 3 meals a day, sleep in a bed safe from harm and have a place to wash and use the toilet. But more than having their physical needs met, these boys are loved by the people who now look after them. Their spiritual and emotional health is paramount.

The ultimate goal is to prepare them to be valued, contributing citizens in their society. These boys begin their education at Abaana’s New Foundations Primary School and will eventually be placed back with their own family if possible, or in a foster family. It is their chance for a “new life”.

Abaana has sent over 60 teams to Uganda with nearly 600 team members. We send 5 – 6 teams to Uganda each year and each of our teams spend 1 week at our New Life Homes.

The teams organise activities for the boys, including games, sports, painting, colouring in, craft, talks, and treasure hunts. The teams also lead discipleship courses, Christianity Explored, life lessons, Bible stories and share their testimonies with the boys. It is a highlight of the teams’ visit for all involved.

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