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From the Streets to Family Reconciliation!

Charles had been living on the streets of Kampala for 9 months when Abaana was able to bring him into our New Life Homes at 11 years old. He had run away from home as he had skipped school to play football and was afraid his father would punish him.

While living at NLH for two years, he was cared for and had a chance to reconcile with his family. During these visits at holiday time, Charles realised that his family loved him and he eventually asked to be resettled with them.

On a recent visit by our social worker, his father was asked how Charles was coping with being back at home. The father expressed his joy at how Charles had grown and become a helpful and dependable child. “He helps in almost every chore at home, like grazing the cow, gardening and fetching water among others,” says his father with a proud smile on his face.

Now at 16 years old, he has just finished his Primary 7 exams and passed with a 1st grade which is the highest grade you can obtain!

According to Charles, he owes his success to God and Abaana for taking him off the streets and reuniting him with his family. He says, “I want to become an accountant in the future. I’m very happy about my results and thank God and Abaana for rescuing me from the streets and sponsoring me.”