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Rescued from a Life of Abuse

Richard’s father passed away a few years ago and the family income greatly diminished as a result. His mother, Rita, struggled to buy food for herself and Richard and there was no money at all to send Richard to school. Richard is a bright boy, who showed promise and his mother didn’t not want him to miss out. So when her brother offered to look after Richard, she accepted. He had more money than her and would be able to provide for her son. 

Richard was enrolled to go to school, was given enough food to eat and a place to sleep. Yet his uncle was not the ‘rescuer’ he claimed to be. He began to abuse Richard, threatening to hurt him if ever he told anyone.

Richard knew he had to escape. He missed his mother terribly and did not know where to turn for help. Then one night, his uncle had too much to drink. Richard received a terrible beating. He was then thrown out of the house in the middle of the night.

He ran to a neighbour and was brave enough to tell them the truth about what had been happening. He said, “At first no–one would believe me, because I’m only 11 years old, and my uncle is a well respected man in the community.”

Thankfully, he was in safe hands with local authorities, who got in touch with Abaana to help provide care and shelter for Richard. He lives in the safe haven of the New Life Homes now, receiving counselling and prayer support. He has made good friends there to and his hope has been restored.

*names and images have been changed to protect Richard’s identity*