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Summer Teams

Who can go?

Anyone aged 17 or over (on the dates of travel) is welcome to apply for a team. Abaana organise teams each year for individuals but we also welcome groups who want to work with us. We’ve worked with teams from companies, schools, churches and various other organisations so if you think that your local group would be up for a new challenge, do get in touch!

Do I need to have had any skills or past experience to be on a team?

No, although if you do feel that you have a particular skill or talent, let us know and we will try to accommodate it as best as we can. Otherwise, training and preparation will be provided through a series of orientation meetings with an Abaana staff member.

Abaana is a Christian–based organisation. Do I need to be a Christian to go on a team?

No. Although Abaana is an organisation based in the Christian faith, you do not have to be a Christian to participate as a team member. We do ask, however, that team members would respect the Christian ethos and individuals of the organisation both in the UK and in Uganda.

How many people are in a team?

Normally teams have between 10 – 20 members. We insist that there is a least one team leader and one assistant leader per team.

How much does it cost and what does the cost include?

Team membership costs approximately £2,100, part of which can be fundraised. The team will also take on additional fundraising for their ‘Team Project’ which they will work alongside whilst in Uganda.
Team membership costs include flights, accommodation, transport in country, travel insurance, food and drink, team t–shirts and administration costs. It does not include your personal vaccination costs or visa to enter Uganda.

When can I go?

Teams travel mainly between May – September but if you’re hoping to take a team, Abaana would be happy to discuss potential options for dates.

Where do teams visit?

All of our Abaana teams visit our projects in Uganda although different teams will travel to different regions of the country depending on the projects that they’d like to work on.

How can I apply?

You can register your initial interest by emailing info@abaana.org. Once we receive your interest, the Teams Coordinator will get in touch with you.

Team Leaders

I am interested in leading a team. What does this involve?

Leading a team is a big commitment. The team process lasts from the moment you sign on and often long after the team return but it is a very rewarding experience. Abaana provide support throughout the process and work closely with the team leader to ensure that things are running smoothly but ultimately it is up to the team leader to make sure that things are progressing with the team and that they are prepared and ready for the trip. If you are considering leading a team, please call the Abaana Office (02891451918) and ask to speak with the Teams Coordinator who will be happy to chat it over with you.