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Upcoming Opportunties

Abaana offer short–term mission trips to Uganda, for individuals and to church groups, schools and businesses, to experience what life is like for countless children, young people and adults alike. A life in which modern–day comforts don’t exist, where many may never have seen a computer or television screen, nor have access to running water or electricity.

Whilst in Uganda, you could be part of a wide range of team activities. There are opportunities to visit Abaana’s Primary Schools, organising summer schemes, work with street kids through the Street Reach programme, and spend time with children who were formerly living rough on the streets and are now being cared for in our New Life Homes. Witness first–hand the dramatic difference that love, care and shelter can make to a young life.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty too! Impact the country by being part of an exciting development project. You could be involved in building a new school, brick laying or painting. On the job training provided, no experience necessary! 

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