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Zuri Girl


We are excited to introduce Zuri Girl to you!

Zuri Girl has been created in response to the overwhelming challenges that girls in Africa face on a daily basis.  Zuri means ‘beautiful’ in Swahili, and we want to make sure that the girls we work with feel beautiful inside and out.  Sanitary items are a luxury and when you don’t have enough to buy the basic necessities, luxury items are far out of reach. Girls end up using dirty rags which can lead to infection and missing valuable school days for fear of leakage and total embarrassment. Zuri Girl project provides training for our teachers and girls to make their own reusable, eco–friendly sanitary towels, learn more about health and hygiene and give them a good foundation of self–esteem.

Currently we are supporting girls with sanitary wear and new pants through our child sponsorship scheme.  It is maybe hard for us to understand how much of a difference something this simple can make, but let Harriet share her thoughts:

As the sanitary towels were being given out in a school, one girl was so excited she couldn’t stop smiling.  She said, ‘Thank you Abaana for thinking about us. Times have surely been bad and our parents don’t usually give us these items because there is no money. I am happy to have received these pads and knickers. I will not lose hope and my life has been made comfortable. I am sure to attend classes regularly even during my periods as I can’t be ashamed. Thank you so much.’

We would love for you to get involved! If we can get regular monthly support for this project we can give the girls the skills to succeed. To donate, please click here or to help support our Zuri Girl project on a monthly basis, please click here