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Abaana Uganda

Welcome to Abaana Ministries Uganda Limited (AMUL)! Here in Uganda, we are very grateful to all the sponsors and donors who play such a vital role in our work of reaching out to vulnerable children and communities. Abaana Ministries Uganda is a local registered non–profit organisation which is playing a role alongside the Government and other development agencies in addressing issues related to poverty, primarily through supporting street–connected children and promoting access to education. Abaana (meaning ‘children’ in Luganda) believes in emphasising holistic care for each child, within the context of the child’s family and community. Abaana Uganda’s head office is in Kito, Wakiso district, and works in 8 other districts, and partners with many other agencies and Government offices in its interventions.

Legal Information

· Abaana Ministries is a registered NFO – FORR79492485NB

· Permit number (23rd July 2019 valid for 5 years) – FORP74092485NB

· Company limited by guarantee number 98523

Latest News


As 2021 began, the thing on everyone’s minds was election fever; and so Abaana operated with one eye on the political climate, thankful that in the end everything went smoothly, without the violence that some people feared. As the ‘election dust’ settled, schools began to re–open in a phased manner, bearing in mind the on–going COVID–19 restrictions, and so our focus was on ensuring all eligible children got back to school in a safe manner. As one student Stella noted,

I cannot believe I am at school once again; it’s been so long! Abaana helped us with study materials but it was very difficult to concentrate at home because there are house chores to do and there is also garden work to do. This almost made me to lose hope but I thank God I am back at school. I am also glad I am still on sponsorship because I don’t think my parents would have afforded to bring me back to school. I am so grateful to God and to Abaana for making this possible, and my hope is alive again.”


Home Learning Materials

For children still at home, Abaana has been giving out learning materials for home schooling. Over 140 children sat for PLE exams, including 5 children who travelled with Choir 1 in 2017, and 7 New Life Homes boys, and we pray for the best for each child as they wait for their results from home until the time they can join Secondary. Additionally, children who finished PLE were given a Bible, which not only will be needed in Secondary school but also to encourage them in their spiritual growth during this season.





Another element of Abaana’s work is to pass on ‘special gifts’, being donations from individual sponsors for their child. It is a joy to support families with various things, such as capital for small businesses, housing rent, and personal items. One popular gift is animals such as goats, chicken or cows. One child, Racheal, got 2 gifts from 2 different sponsors and these were combined to make a larger amount for the family to purchase a cow, which had been their desire for some time as it can help them plough land for cultivation. The cow can also be hired for income to plough other people’s land and in future also supply the family with some milk. When receiving the gift, although because of language barrier the staff couldn’t fully understand her words, the unstopping smile clearly said a huge “thank you”.

Racheals Cow




At the New Life Homes, some boys have been staying with family, others have returned to school, and some have been residential at the Homes doing home–school as they await their turn to join the phased re–opening. There have also been some children temporarily housed at the Homes while tracing has been done by a Local Government Social Worker, being abandoned children who require emergency shelter support.

New Referrals

As an organisation we were glad that we were fulfilling our statutory obligations through completion of the Audit from 2020, which was adopted at an Audit on 8th April 2021. We pray for enough funds for the year ahead and the continued wisdom to spend all donations in the most efficient and effective way.



Silus with his new bible


Summary of projects / locations of work

Abaana Uganda currently runs the following projects:

New Life Homes – New Life Homes is a licenced temporary Children’s Home in Uganda for street–connected children to receive Christian care and counsel, as well as having their physical needs such as food and clothing met. Boys are reconciled to their families as soon as possible and the ultimate aim is that each boy would have a safe and healthy long–term home situation. Each boy that is registered receives on–going sponsorship support in their Primary, Secondary and tertiary education.

Street Reach

Sponsorship – Abaana provides sponsorship to over 1600 children who would otherwise not be able to attend or complete school. Fees are provided, as well as the provision of basics such as uniform and scholastic materials. Special projects such as the distribution of sanitary pads as well as Christian teaching, including access to a Scripture Union / CEF camp, are part of interventions so that each sponsored child is helped holistically. Abaana staff regularly visit the schools to ensure that the children are getting relevant support and help with special needs such as medical cases where possible.


Education and School Support – Additional to sponsorship, Abaana provides support through partnerships in 15 different primary schools, in various districts – Busia, Amuru, Mukono, Kampala, Mayuge, Kayunga, Ngora, and Pallisa. Abaana does this primarily through helping with building projects, so that the infrastructure is in place for each school to effectively provide education in the community. Abaana also desires to build capacity in the schools through training teachers, providing resources such as text books and linking schools together to learn from each other, in order to help them run more effectively.

Teams – Abaana Uganda provides opportunities for people to come on short term teams to Uganda, to engage in activities such as painting and children’s work. Please refer to the main Abaana UK website pages if you are based outside of Uganda and interested in joining the work on such a team – you are most welcome.

Partnerships – Abaana also works with other organisations in a variety of ways, mainly through Street Children Outreach activities and also being a conduit for support for other projects. Through this, Abaana plays a role in supporting many more vulnerable children that are part of other agencies. We are always interested in establishing new partnerships with like–minded organisations to share resources and network more effectively. Abaana is a member of CRANE (Children at Risk Action Network) and the national NGO forum, as well as registered with each district in which it operates.

Busia Painting
Choir – Abaana has sent 2 children’s choirs to UK and Ireland, in 2017 and 2019, with plans to send a third in 2021. The 4–month tours showcase the work Abaana does in low–income communities and gives an opportunity for current and potential sponsors to connect with Uganda through song, dance and testimony.

Our Physical Address – Abaana Ministries Uganda is based in Kito village, Kira Town Council. From Kira town council, take the tarmac road at Kira Primary School (there are many signposts, including one for Abaana Guesthouse and Office) and continue for around 1.5 kilometres. At the first (small) crossroads, at a large signpost for Abaana Guesthouse and Office, take a right (the road is called Kagimu Close). Take the next right and the Abaana office gate is straight ahead.


Abaana Ministries Uganda has a Guesthouse which is used primarily by our visiting teams and volunteers, but which is open for anyone who would like a quiet, homely, peaceful place to stay, with delicious continental and local dishes. We also welcome other organisations or companies who would like to run conferences or workshops in a serene environment, with a meeting room, sheltered veranda, and large garden available for various group activities. Please contact us for more information.

Phone and email contacts

To get in touch, please feel free to contact us using the information below.

Landline: 0393–266076

Email: admin@abaana.org.ug or office@abaana.org.ug

List of Directors

Abaana Ministries Uganda has 6 Company Directors: Mr Eric Settuba (Chairperson); Mr Scott Baxter (the Abaana founder); Mrs Edith Kateme–Kasajja (Vice–Chairperson); Mr Sam Tukei; Mrs Monica Mpairwe and Mr Stephen Kaheru. The Directors provide direction, accountability and oversight to the operations of Abaana Ministries Uganda.