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Abaana Uganda


Latest news May 2024


Choir 3

The children who are on tour in the UK and Ireland continue to have a wonderful time as they perform on stages in various schools and churches and also get to experience new activities and visit places of interest. We are thankful that over 300 new sponsors have signed up so far. The children will return to Uganda in June.





Government alignment and partnership

The start of the year was filled with necessary statutory activities, which are an essential element of any NGO. The audit for the year 2023 was conducted by Whitewatermark CPA, and was concluded successfully. An Annual General Meeting and a Board Meeting were held on 6 April, and the nine members had good deliberations, including the adoption of the audit. Documents were submitted to the NGO Bureau for permit renewal, with the current permit expiring in July, and it was granted in April. Returns to the NGO Bureau and URSB were prepared. We are grateful that all these processes have been relatively smooth and successful.


Separate from these compliance activities, Abaana also worked with the government in other areas, including donating assorted stationery to support them in managing and recording child safeguarding incidents and general police documentation to ten police posts serving Abaana–supported communities. A donation was also made to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) for an outreach to help resettle street–connected children. Abaana




A new life and a pilot in the making

Rescued from the streets of Kampala in December 2023, Mark (name changed), aged 11, ran to the streets of Kampala due to mistreatment. His caretaker neglected his basic needs and so Mark decided to go to live on the streets. ‘’Because my guardian would beat me and sometimes deny me food, I decided to run away as I thought Kampala streets would be the best option and little did I know it was the worst place. At the streets, I would look for bottles and sell to buy food. I had no place for sleeping but under the stairs and sometimes big boys would beat us. Life was too hard especially sleeping in the cold, no food, beating from older boys and police arresting us.’’ Mark was one of 19 boys who has joined the new life homes and he feels so much peace now he has people caring for him. “I am here enjoying life. They give me all the love I lacked while at home: food, a mattress, and I cover myself with a blanket and a net. When I fall sick, they take me to the hospital. But the best of all that I was taken back to school. Now I have started dreaming big of being a Pilot, soldier and a professional footballer in future.”


Child Evangelism Fellowship and Outreach

Abaana is a faith–based organisation, so a priority is to share the gospel with children in primary and secondary schools. Throughout the first term, different activities occurred involving our partner, Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), as well as staff. 402 children received discipleship resource materials from CEF titled “SEE & DO” which are for children’s devotion, and the children & teachers were guided on their use. CEF also donated some discipleship materials to three northern schools to promote their spiritual growth programmes.







Summary of projects / locations of work

Abaana Uganda currently runs the following projects:

New Life Homes – New Life Homes is a licenced temporary children’s home in Uganda where street–connected children can receive Christian care and counsel, as well as have their physical needs, such as food and clothing, met. Boys are reconciled to their families as soon as possible, and the ultimate aim is that each boy would have a safe and healthy long–term home situation. Each boy that is registered receives ongoing sponsorship support in their Primary, Secondary and tertiary education.

Street Reach

Sponsorship – Abaana provides sponsorship to over 1,900 children from pre–primary to tertiary level who would otherwise be unable to attend or complete school. Fees are provided, as well as the provision of basics such as uniforms and scholastic materials. Special projects such as the distribution of sanitary pads and Christian teaching, including access to a Scripture Union/Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) camp, are part of interventions so that each sponsored child is helped holistically. Abaana staff regularly visit the schools to ensure that the children are getting relevant support and help with special needs, such as medical cases, where possible.


Education and School Support – Additional to sponsorship, Abaana provides support through partnerships in 16 different primary schools in various districts – Busia, Amuru, Mukono, Kampala, Mayuge, Kayunga, Ngora, and Pallisa. Abaana does this primarily by building classrooms and other buildings so that the infrastructure is in place for each school to effectively provide education in the community. Abaana also builds capacity in the schools to improve standards by training school leadership, providing resources such as textbooks and monitoring the school in various areas.

Teams – Abaana Uganda provides opportunities for people to come on short–term teams to Uganda to engage in activities related to Abaana’s work with vulnerable children. Please refer to the main Abaana UK website pages if you are based outside of Uganda and interested in joining the work on such a team – you are most welcome.


Abaana Ministries works in partnership with many stakeholders, including the Districts where it operates with signed MoUs in place, churches, schools where sponsored children study, specialists in mental health and pastoral care like Mantle of Hope, Scripture Union and Child Evangelism Fellowship, and networks like the National NGO forum, CRANE, and the Uganda Child Rights NGO Network. Abaana also works with other organisations in street children outreach activities. Through this, Abaana supports many more vulnerable children that are part of other agencies and is always interested in establishing new partnerships with like–minded organisations to share resources and network more effectively. 




Choir – Abaana has sent two children’s choirs to UK and Ireland, in 2017 and[GO1]  2019, with plans to send a third in 2022. The 4–month tours showcase the work Abaana does in low–income communities and give an opportunity for current and potential sponsors to connect with Uganda through song, dance and testimony.



Abaana Ministries Uganda has a guesthouse used primarily by visiting teams and volunteers but is open for anyone who would like a quiet, homely, peaceful place to stay with delicious continental and local dishes. We particularly welcome other organisations or companies who would like to run conferences or workshops in a serene environment, with a meeting room, sheltered veranda, and a large garden available for various group activities. Please contact us at guesthouse@abaana.org.ug or 0773–748819 for more information.



Our Physical Address – Abaana Ministries Uganda is based in Kito village, Kira Town Council. From Kira town council, take the tarmac road at Kira Primary School and continue for around 1.5 kilometres. At the first (small) crossroads, at a large signpost for Abaana Guesthouse and Office, take a right (the road is called Kagimu Close). Take the next right, and the Abaana office gate is straight ahead. You can also look for ‘Abaana Guesthouse’ on Googlemaps.

Phone and email contacts

Landline: 0393–266076

Whatsapp/phone (also mobile money): 0773 748038

Email: admin@abaana.org.ug or office@abaana.org.ug


To give to Abaana

Abaana relies on donations to serve vulnerable children in Uganda. Should you be interested in supporting our work, please get in touch with us for banking or mobile money details for monetary assistance or email us at the contacts above for any donations in kind. Thank you. 

List of Directors

Abaana Ministries Uganda has nine company members/directors: Mr Stephen Kaheru (Chairperson); Mr Scott Baxter (the Abaana founder); Mrs Bibian Muganguzi (Secretary); Mr Sam Tukei; Mr Julius Ananura; Mr Ambrose Hans Ahanga; Mr John Nsamba and Mr Wilberforce Ssempijja, with Mr Ivan Jonah Muwaya a recent addition in late september. The Directors provide direction, accountability and oversight of the operations of Abaana Ministries Uganda.


Disclaimer related to Abaana Ministries’ sponsorship scheme

Abaana Ministries Limited is a registered company limited by guarantee and NGO in Uganda. Our mission is to work with communities to address the holistic needs of vulnerable children, particularly in education. It has come to our notice that some individuals are claiming that sponsorship is available for people who pay money to a certain mobile money number. This is categorically untrue. Abaana’s sponsorship scheme is attached to identified primary schools with which Abaana partners and there is a system of identifying needy children within those communities. Moreover, NO MONEY is required in this process. Abaana Ministries will never ask people to pay money to secure sponsorship and anyone involved in this act is acting fraudulently and completely outside of Abaana Ministries’ authority. Anyone who pays money to access a service offered from Abaana Ministries does so entirely at their own risk.