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Partner Communities

Abaana currently works with 17 different communities across Uganda. At each of these communities we have various projects:

Education Projects

  • Building a Primary School (7 Classrooms)
  • Supplying School with Toilets
  • Water Collection and Guttering
  • Building a Nursery (3 Classrooms)
  • School Boarding
  • School Playground
  • Teachers’ Accommodation
  • Furniture
  • Clean Water Source for Community
  • Ensuring School has a Kitchen

Recurring Projects

  • Child Sponsorship (Funding for School)
  • School Resources such as Textbooks
  • Farming School Land
  • Teacher Training (At Least Annually)
  • Health Education / Support to Children
  • Furniture

Spiritual Projects

  • Building a Church (or Providing Space)
  • Support Child Based Programmes / e.g. scripture union clubs, distribution of bibles

Community Projects

  • Family Empowerment / Development
  • Health Education
  • Mosquito Nets / Home Spraying
  • Adult Literacy
  • Savings and Loan Schemes / Microfinance / Small Business Promotion